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Thank you for your interest in the Whistleblower News Review. We report on U.S. False Claims Act “whistleblower” lawsuits (and state, IRS, and SEC whistleblower lawsuits and claims) to recover money for the U.S. taxpayers that was obtained by fraud in the areas of Securities, Government Procurement, Financial, Banks, Mortgages, Health Care, and Pharmaceutical.

We also cover stories related to employment retaliation, i.e. where an employee is fired in retaliation for blowing the whistle on an employer that is defrauding the government. Whistleblower News Review rounds out the coverage with the personal stories of individuals who stand up to power and report fraud and sometimes receive substantial cash False Claims Act, SEC, or IRS rewards for their heroism.

If you have a story to share that relates to companies defrauding the United States government and taxpayers, we want to hear about it so thank you in advance for connecting with Whistleblower News Review.

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