SEC Proposes $30 Million Cap on Whistleblower Awards

SEC Proposes $30 Million Cap on Whistleblower Awards

Following the announcement of an $83 million whistleblower award, the SEC is looking to put a cap on tipster payouts. A recent 3-2 vote by the Commission said yes to capping awards at $30 million.

The $83 awarded to three whistleblowers last March ignited the flame of the “awards are getting too large” sentiment that guides tort reform advocates across the nation. When it comes to SEC whistleblowers, they may finally be getting their big day.

The cap is, of course, bad news for the public and good news for dishonest corporations that make billions of dollars a year, for whom having to shell out one or two hundred million is merely a tickle.

Awards are an incentive to whistleblowers, who often lose their jobs and their livelihood in their attempt to expose fraudsters. If putting caps on rewards becomes a habit, it will be bonanza time for fraudsters, but the SEC does not appear to see it that way....

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