‘Frivolous Lawsuit Conspiracy’ Whistleblowers Wanted, Potential $100,000 Reward

‘Frivolous Lawsuit Conspiracy’ Whistleblowers Wanted, Potential $100,000 Reward

Florida-based attorney John Uustal just announced he is offering up to $100,000 to the first person who comes forward with proof of “a secret conspiracy to create frivolous lawsuits.”

Uustal is a trial lawyer and author, famous for holding massive corporations responsible for their misconduct. The list of corporate titans he has successfully brought to justice includes the likes of Philip Morris, Toyota, and General Motors.

To Cheese or Not to Cheese

Uustal’s initiative was prompted by a recent class action initiative filed in Florida. In what some prominent legal professionals are referring to as “a BS lawsuit,” two McDonald’s customers are accusing the company of illegally charging for cheese.

Suing McDonald’s, “because it charges the same price for a Quarter Pounder with cheese and without cheese,” has made some people wonder whether there might be “a secret plot by big corporations to manufacture dumb lawsuits.”...

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